Clock Radio Speakers | The Epiphany of Marcus Graham

Clock Radio Speakers is a (mostly) weekly podcast hosted by Armond & Doc that goes in-depth on what’s new in Hip-Hop and R&B music. Armond is an MC currently living in Columbus, OH. Doc is sometimes a producer, sometimes an engineer, and always opinionated. We’re back from the break. Check the new episode!

Side A: The Epiphany of Marcus Graham

Armond & Doc return to discuss the movie ‘Boomerang’ in-depth to set the stage for the conversation about Armond’s new project, ‘The Epiphany of Marcus Graham’. Plus Armond goes to a Kendrick Lamar concert, Doc discusses why white rappers often rap fast, and they both debate if there’s an attack on masculinity in our culture.

Side B: The Epiphany of Marcus Graham

Armond & Doc continue on this week by going in-depth (track-by-track of course) on the story and concept behind Armond’s new project, ‘The Epiphany of Marcus Graham’. Doc opens up and talks about his experience with titles in relationships, the two debate if men or women should be the ones pursuing in relationships, and a lot more.

  • Ruth

    Absolutely love the transparency of this podcast; didn’t expect the show to take this turn so it was a pleasant surprise!

    Appreciate this album, especially Give You A Minute but I am def. still digesting. Oh asks Priest’s verse is everything and I love Sean’s voice on the Everything record. I’m going to give myself a few more listens but I’m sure I’ll appreciate it more!