Clock Radio Speakers | Remy vs. Nicki, Future, & Taelor Gray

Clock Radio Speakers is a (mostly) weekly podcast hosted by Armond & Doc that goes in-depth on what’s new in Hip-Hop and R&B music. Armond is an MC currently living in Columbus, OH. Doc is sometimes a producer, sometimes an engineer, and always opinionated. Check out the new episode!

Episode 255 Side A: Oscars, Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj, & More

Armond & Doc return to discuss Remy Ma’s diss track ‘ShEther’, Nicki’s response (or lack there of), and discuss who’s got the most to lose. Plus Doc talks Oscars, Armond talks YouTube TV, Kendrick’s next album is apparently about God, and more.

Episode 255 Side B: Future’s ‘Future’ & ‘HNDRXX’ + Taelor Gray’s New Projects

Armond & Doc continue on by discussing Future’s two new albums before going in-depth on Taelor Gray & Christon Gray’s ‘Jacob x Judas’ and Taelor’s new solo album ‘In The Way Of Me’.