Church Politics

Church Politics | Justin Makes an Announcement

The Church Politics Podcast is hosted by former Obama White House staffer Michael Wear and AND Campaign co-founder Justin Giboney. These two seasoned politicos will analyze political events and policy based on their Christian values and their experience in the civic arena. The podcast will provide guidance to Christians seeking to transcend partisanship and political ideology and find discipleship in the public square. It will also include interviews with a diverse group of public figures, music and more.

On this episode, Justin Giboney kicks off the episode with an announcement that will change The Church Politics Podcast FOREVER. Then, along with a special guest, Justin and Michael catch up on some of the latest news, including the anonymous senior Trump Administration officials who moonlights as an op-ed writer, as well as recent conversation about social justice and Christianity. They also shoutout and discuss the recent Courageous Conversations conference.