David Perdue

David Perdue is quite simply just a dude...a dude that is clearly out of his mind. Some would say a comedian even. He has performed stand-up comedy all across the southeast, mystifying audiences with his lack of wit & disproportionate confidence to ability ratio. He enjoys America, Dance 360, Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years & Corn Dogs. In all seriousness David Perdue is the funniest person to ever be named David Perdue.

What I'm Listening To

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The One With Happy Hoyt, Big Chris, and Peeing On Thy Self

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Forth And Ten | Pet dinosaurs, Love Songs, and Flavor Complexions

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Forth And Ten | Brady Hate, Tiger Love, and Gay Chickens

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Forth And Ten | Barbies, Bumble and Baja Blast


Forth & Ten | The FBI, Flat Earths, & Korean Meat Farms?

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Forth And Ten | Tiger’s Back, Tebow Wins, and Nate’s Great


Forth And Ten | Back of Knees, Back on Stage, Pats on the Back


Forth And Ten | Russian Brides, Japanese Game Shows, & Underground Railroads