Dan Duncan

Dan Duncan is a history nerd and hip hop junkie. While he spends most of this time working as the Lead Editor and Producer at Remedy Films, any spare time is spent traveling the world and experiencing different cultures with his wife Allison. Finding and telling stories is Dan’s greatest passion whether that be through film, writing, or photography. They're all tools that connect the world with his heart and experiences. Dan can generally be picked out of a crowd as he'll likely have his 70 lb German Shepherd, Marley, in tow. And yes, she's named after his favorite artist!

What I'm Listening To


Forth And Ten | The one w/ the Bald Spots #Lebron, Bad Beards #Steph, & Swan Dresses #AaronChewning


Off The Record | The State Of Hip-Hop In 2017 & #YouDeserveAPeneltyFor


Don’t Do That Bro | To The Gym Rats, The Creepers, and The Lone Wolf(s)

Kendrick Lamar's stunning new video for 'Humble' was directed by Dave Meyers

Kendrick Lamar Humbly Delivers Again #Dreamer

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Plead The Forth | The First 25 Days And The Fight For Hope #Trump

91a6d8-20170120-trump-inauguration23 copy

Off The Record | POTUS Darth Cheeto, Chrisette MiFAIL, and the Women’s March


New Music | Krum “Loose On Earth”