ART LIKE A LADY | An Introduction


Ladies, ever had a brilliant idea that fell flat because your eyebrows were not on fleek?

Ever had something important to say but the words didn’t quite make it out of your mouth because your lipstick was not bomb?

Me neither.

But it’s hard to bring your dreams to life when you’re an artists and female at the same time. The waters of artistry, professionalism, society’s confusing expectations of women, (and dating, we only whisper that word because it’s too much to handle sometimes) are difficult to navigate.

You might be one of the few females in a sea of male counter-parts, who you respect, but occasionally have to teach how to treat you. You might need expert advice in navigating day-to-day life from someone who knows what it’s like to be a hella outside-the-box captain of the quirk team. Or, you just might need practical guidance on how to turn your talents into a career while potentially busting through some glass ceilings in the process. How do you create as a woman in a world so cold?

Submit your questions to Catalina@ForthDistrict.com and let me help you art like a lady.

Some examples of what could be asked:

“HELP, I’m in my early 20s and can’t decide whether to travel to Europe or go to college. I don’t know what I’d major in but I really enjoy drawing. What do I do with my life?”

“HELP, I finally found someone to produce my project but I’ve got a mad crush on him. Do I back out or swallow my feelz?”

“What do you do when someone you respect gives you feedback on your work and they told you it SUCKED? Is there any hope after the critique?”

Art like a lady. Life guidance on fulfilling your creative potential while still looking good. Except more of the creative potential and less of the looking good part. Actually, none of the looking good part. Go somewhere else for that.

Catalina Bellizzi, AKA CATAPHANT AKA Ms. BZ (to her students) is a visual artist, inner city art teacher, singer/songwriter, and occasional music producer from Chicago. She frequently collaborates with artists of all types and has learned many things the hard way. You can find some of her vocals on tracks from Humble Beast, Mellow Orange, & Illect artists, with her own EP on the way. Inspired by the glass ceilings over women in music, she founded YOUNG LADY (www.youngxlady.com), a creative brand that gives grants to women in hip hop. BZ earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Art Education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has experience as an art school admissions counselor. Trust me, she can help you get your art together.

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