What is Art: Isaac Deitz

Art is the reflection of life, Good Art is the reflection of a good life-Isaac Deitz

Art is a buzzword and thankfully so. People are starting to feel the difference between authentic, honest art and art made for the masses simply to feed the beast. But how do you put words to that difference. Ultimately what qualifies as Good Art and what qualifies as Bad Art?

So Forth sat down with one of the most creative directors in Atlanta to see what he qualifies as art, the Good and the Bad. Isaac’s perspective is one that redefined art for the Forth team and, we think, a must watch for anyone seeking to make create, paint, or write.

Video BreakDown:
1 Min-What is Good Art
3 Min-What is Bad Art
5 Min-How do you make a Great Music Video

Music Score Provided By: Davis Harwell

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