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All My Friends Are Married: A Mini Series + Interview with Mercedes Brazier-Thurman

All My Friends Are Married: Episode 1 from The Black TV & Film Collective on Vimeo.

All My Friends Are Married: A Mini Series

ALL MY FRIENDS ARE MARRIED is a quirky comedic web series with a blend of dry and physical humor. It highlights the joys, mistakes, hopes and pitfalls of being single & living in New York City. With tenderness, joy and irony we present the story of a women struggling to survive adulthood from her very imaginative point of view. This series captures the intersection where heaven meets earth; where adulthood and dreams force reality. It is here that faith, hope and love collides with bills, delayed promises and fears.

In Episode 1, Lauren is confronted with the reality that all her friends are in relationships, coupled up, and yes, getting married. What is their secret to finding love?

Interview with Creator and Producer Mercedes Brazier-Thurman

All My Friends Are Married follows the life a young lady living in New York while being single. What compelled you to write and deliver this project? 

: The series reflects a season of singleness in my life. I was hearing so many stories from friends, co-workers and family that were all in angst about  being single in NYC, the dating issues or lack of dating options. As a writer, I begin to jot down some ideas and the webseries was born.
There is a scarce representation of Black female storytelling in the mainstream market. How does this series empower you and other women to own their narrative while addressing the many issues that are important to you?

Mercedes: Representation Matters. A big part of the series is about woman’s voice. The series is proudly created, produced & directed by women. 

Personally, as the series creator, I would love to break the ‘strong black women’ troupe and replace it with someone who is weak, vulnerable, determined, stubborn, wise, and silly. Basically, someone that is fully human. Not a side kick character or character that gives sage advice. You know, a multi-dimensional flawed while perfect person. We are all walking contradictions. My favorite quote right now is by Sophia Bush, “You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” 

The main character, Lauren, is able to walk in both her faith and her fears. She is a thirty something year old women that doesn’t have it all together.  While she is searching for her voice, she is layered with the expectations and rules placed on her. There are so many books (seminars, youtube channels, churches, blogs, tweets, the list goes on) teaching women how to date, how to behave, how to get a man while playing into real insecurities.   By the end of the season, Lauren is learning to shed those expectations.

In this series you are not shy about your faith as well as the tensions that it may bring in everyday life. Why was this important to you? 

Mercedes: Faith can make common things, like bread and wine, sacred.  It’s a beautiful thing to walk out our faith, so of course it comes up in dating.  Episode 2 takes place inside a gynecologist office!  Trust me Jesus is everywhere.

It’s living this faith in our everyday life that gets bumpy and sometimes difficult. The webseries explores that in comedic way. Lauren struggles on her journey. What is the role faith plays when dealing with delayed dreams? Or unanswered promises?

There are many of people out there who desire to create their own web series. What encouragement and insight do you have for them?

Mercedes: Go for it! This is a great time to share your story.  Technology has truly advanced. Last year there was film that shot entirely on an I-phone!

Build two teams. One team to emotionally support you. To cheer you on when you want to quit. Trust me, you will want to quit. The second team to actually create the series.  

Thank you for joining us what information can you give us to keep up with you and your work?

Mercedes:I love mail! Please email me at
All My Friends Are Married is being distributed by the Black TV Film Collective Network. Watch the entire series and behind the scenes footage here!

Mercedes Brazier-Thurman (Screenwriter/Producer/Educator)

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Mercedes Brazier-Thurman has been writing screenplays since high school. She is the creator, writer and producer of the webseries, All My Friends Are Married. As an educator, she teaches screenwriting to underrepresented voices. She has proudly taught to members of the Navajo Nation in California and Women of Color in NYC. Her feature screenplay, Dwayne and Connor’s Ninth Grade Mix Tape, has made it to the second round of the prestigious Austin Film Festival. Her webseries, All My Friends Are Married, was a final selection at the Martha Vineyard’s African American Film Festival. Mercedes’ writing explores the curiosity, purpose and vulnerability within relationships and life. Mercedes has discovered who she is in being a storyteller and hopes to leave her mark through creating a community of collaborators seeking to tell impactful stories that increase grace and love for all people. And laugh a bunch while doing it. She is a graduate from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for Film and Dramatic Writing. She has a MA in Educational Theatre from NYU Steinhart’s School of Education.

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