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Forth And Ten | Mitt’s White, Zlantan’s “Investments,” & Lonzo Vs Nas

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Table For One Wins A Grammy #AutomaticForThePeople

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Church Politics | Reclaiming Jesus: An Exclusive Interview With Jim Wallis


New Music Monday | New Week New Music

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Don’t Do That Bro | 17 Ways To Win At Your Job Interview and Other Things….

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The One With Happy Hoyt, Big Chris, and Peeing On Thy Self


Sho Baraka New Video And Date Night Tour


Church Politics Podcast | Things Fall Apart #Syria #PaulRyan #FBITrump


Don’t Do That Bro | Bombs, Condoms and Running Away from the Herd #KnowThySelf


OTR | Those #FelonyWages, That Vegan Life, And This Cardi B Album

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Forth And Ten | Bomb Jokes, Megalodon, and Lebron Is #FakeNews?

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Table For One | Red Lobster Cheddar Chick-fil-a Chicken Biscuit aka THE GAME CHANGER


New Music Monday | New Week New Music


I’ve Got Something To Say With Sho Baraka | Episode 5: MLK 50th Anniversary

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Forth And Ten | The One With Aaron Chewning, NeverNude Nate, & Tiger Tiger Woods


Read A Book | The Big Payback: Album 3 – The Beat Box (1984-88)